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Makeup line, profiling spiral, spiral oven, tunnel oven, deep-freezing room | TECNOPOOL at IBA 2018

Tecnopool as been in business for over 30 years and continues to be a leader in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing machinery to deep- freezing, cooling, pasteurizing, proofing and baking food industry products. It provides product through a network of sales agents worldwide.


Tecnopool at IBA 2018

3 Principles, a single Philosophy – Research, customization and securing the customer’s loyalty: these are the three founding principles that inspire and guide us towards the future and towards guaranteed success.


Guided by a dynamic and active entrepreneurial vision, we have learned to interpret the demands of a constantly changing market, always putting development and technological evolution in first place, and investing over 10% of our turnover in research and development: and so develop tomorrow's solutions today.


Our plants adapt perfectly to our customers demands. Every company has specific requirements, which we know how to satisfy with the correct solutions. Every reality has its own demands, which we have learned to listen to, interpret and solve. The result is that every customer has a unique plant built to size: designed according to his needs and customized to the centimeter. This is how we have become reliable suppliers; this in short is how we have become


Every customer desires the best for his business. We know this well and succeed in delivering it both from a technical and project point of view, as well as from a human and personal perspective. Dialogue is the first step towards establishing a constructive relationship: we understand this immediately- from the very beginning and we keep it in mind day after day. This is why every demand always finds a fast and effective answer.



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06 September 2018
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