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Gruppo Bertolaso: a story of dedication and skill

In 140 years, Bertolaso has become an international benchmark in bottling. It is a moment to reflect on the values that have inspired it to create its advanced systems for producers of wine, sparkling wine, spirits, water and soft drinks.


“Our history has taught us the importance of always being prepared to welcome the new and react accordingly,” Cristina Bertolaso says. “In this, our values remain unchanged.”

On the one hand, there is flexibility, innovation and a focus on performance; on the other, there is reliability, constant vigilance and compassion. In fast-changing times, this union of versatility and dependability is essential.


“A new way of producing is emerging where the ability to adapt is key,” Cristina Bertolaso explains. “The technologies we are developing focus on the possibility of working with different types of bottles and different types of products depending on one’s needs, and with the same level of efficiency.”


The rest is thanks to its quality and the promptness of the after-sales service, which has been enriched in recent weeks with new technical support services. Founded in 1880, the Bertolaso group is now present across the globe and dedicates the vast majority of its production to its international customers.

From the very first inventions of founder Bortolo Bertolaso to today, things have changed but with each passing anniversary the talent and commitment to innovate remain a constant.

13 October 2020
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